“Get everything you can hit. But do not torture yourself with your mistakes.” – Paulo Coelho

I have a friend who started her business in multilevel on a Monday
morning, in my organization. She had spent the week-end in training
and was excited about the prospects. So excited that she imagined
that all people of the world would want to buy her products and
possibly also seize this opportunity. Life would change.
Then she invited four of her best friends to come
know the products and the opportunity. One of those four people called
her crazy and assured her that she had been tricked into a any
pyramid scheme, the other three, without much enthusiasm, obviously
assured her that they would be present at the presentation. No one appeared and
this friend of mine immediately gave up the business, saying “nobody
wants. “Until today.

Did she learn anything from what happened? No, because her life
continues to worsen. I was there (I was alone because my
six friends were not here either), and watched the scene, and from that day I multiplied
my income by 3 and by 10 my workgroup.

Rights and wrongs are part of everyone’s life.

Enjoy your successes and learn from mistakes.

One day you will hit more than failures.

Hitting targets

On that day your life begins to move forward and it will never stop.

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