“Good things take time, extraordinary things happen in a second.”

One of the beliefs that we have culturally and that limits us is that good things do not fall from the sky and that everything takes time.

We think that earning 2635 euros in half hour is not possible, nor is it possible to move from loneliness to stardom.

Think it’s impossible for you to become a rockstar in 10 minutes?

Yes, building something positive, it takes some time. How long? Nobody knows. For some a lifetime, for others an hour. But the unspeakable things that change your life forever and that throw in a completely new path, these happen in a second.

It is an opportunity, an intuition, a suggestion, an idea that you are proposed by someone or that you do not know where it came from. At the moment you take it, you changed your path. Extraordinary things line up for you. Each time you accept one, another one opens and then another and another and another.

Next thing you know, you find yourself living in a world that is completely new and exciting.

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