“When we all think alike, no one is thinking very much.” – Walter Lippmann

One day, on the way to Alentejo, I found on the roadside a herd of cows, all in a line walking towards a pasture or barn, I do not know. What is certain is that they occupied the entire width of the road where they were, mooing behind each other. Is it conceivable that some of them wanted to go to another location, do other things? I think not.

The problem with herds of people (say “herds” with no offense to the cows, of course) it’s that, walking all behind each other, the ones in front choose the path and the ones in the back step in s…

It is natural for people to feel safety in numbers.

If you are buying a ticket and there are two counter windows, one with a line of 30 people and no one else. Instinctively don’t you go to the queue with more people? Also have you never used the old justification: “everyone does it!” Or “you’re not more than others?”

However this does not cause reason or right to be in the numbers.

If you think like the majority and do what the majority does, you’ll get the results of the majority.

If it pleases you, go ahead. But you can not aspire to more than mediocrity stepping in s… of those going ahead.

You have to leave that trail and look for another, that goes in a different direction.

You won’t have plenty of company, but you’ll never have to set foot or smell anyone’s s…

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