“If you do what you have always done you can obtain the results ever.” – Tony Robbins

It is a mistake to think that you’ll change your life if you keep doing the same old things.

For different results you have to do different things.

I think you’ll agree.

The problem is what “things” do you do, right? Well that’s easy. For me it works like this:

1 – I establish what the outcome I want is.

2 – I try to surround myself with people who have achieved this result. (with the internet it’s very easy: follow the blogs, enroll in newsletters, purchase books videos and audios and visit their sites).

3 – I study enough to be able to make a plan. A plan is a set of small actions (which take less than an hour to complete) but get you closer to your goal. I place all actions and establish a schedule time to run. If action takes more than an hour, divide it into several smaller.

4 – I execute this plan while still studying my master (s).

5 – I estimate monthly and make small adjustments.

6 – I estimate quarterly and redo the whole plan for another 3 months, changing everything we need and keeping everything worked better.

This simple plan allows me to change my mindset by study and practice.

By changing my mindset I change my actions and different actions generate different results.

This was how I increased my income by more than 30% this year, compared to last year and will double next year. Said and done.

If you follow these steps I can’t guarantee that you can change your life, but if you don’t follow them you will not change for sure.

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