” There are few things as important to the continued growth as culture of innovation . “

You can spend years in relax thinking the same thoughts , feeling the same emotions, performing the same routines, living with the same friends in the same locations.

However you can also live in a evolutionary way: always improving in your profession, improving yourself and your performance in all aspects of life.

And you can still live in revolution. You evolve, yes, always, but your focus is not only on continuing to evolve, improve what is done, the person you are.

With some regularity you reinvent yourself.

You have routines, you live in an evolutionary way, too, but every now and then you give that quantum leap that transforms your life and those around you and you do something that leaves everyone stunned, frightened, incredulous.

You have a frightening power to solve problems: it is called creativity.

It has the ability to turn you inside out and reinvent you, to take you to a world where anything is possible, regardless of what others have said to you.

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