“I appreciate when someone tells me I’m wrong because most of the times I really am.” – Prince William

Unlike philosophy or metaphysics, it is said that science is falsifiable. This simply means that a scientific worldview can be proven true today and proven false tomorrow. This is what we see constantly.

Which leads me to think about the importance we attach to “scientific truths”.

  •     If we think about what we put in our greatest trust and that gives us confidence of truth, which is the science, it is indeed very unreliable in terms of their ability to describe reality.

But that’s another conversation. I appreciate a good scientific truth as you and certainly much more than most people I know.

But the biggest lesson that I personally picked out of science is that what apparently seems a weakness is actually strength.

Each time it is proved that a theory is wrong, science jumps up and moves (“as the colored ball in the hands of a child,” says António Gedeão poetically ).

“As long as you agree you won’t wake up,” I like to say.

The Middle Ages is called the Dark Ages because there was no significant scientific advance. The science of Aristotle was unsuspected, and who proved it wrong was at risk . It was a sleep of a thousand years, in that aspect.

So I think that Prince William has a commendable attitude and a wisdom far above average. I do not like having people pointing out my errors. I think I’m pretty normal about it, but it’s only because of my ego that wants to always be superior in everything and understands things wrong. I don’t pay much attention to this aspect because although I feel bad about the criticism, I know I’m moving to the next level.

Have you understood why for you to be more successful you must increase the number of failures?

Where then is the problem with making mistakes, messing up? Only in your ego.

If you put aside, with humility, you will see a world that opens with every failure.

And it is very easy if you understand that your activities have always prove something, and with it, go along somehow.

If you decide to look at your life as a scientific experiment, you will be thankful for the mistakes from the bottom of your heart.

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