“We go through life looking more for ways out … than building paths.” – Walter Grando

Can you imagine what happens to a person walking in reverse? Try to walk north but is facing south. Hard to get anywhere.

This is what the failed do . I say “failed” trying not to limit anyone to this label. A person can be very successful in one thing and a complete failure in another. And in this one that he’s unsuccessful, this person shows the default behavior of the losers: they try to see where they go … with the back of their neck.

Governing this aspect of life trying to solve problems instead of creating realities. They act very strongly when you are at imminent risk of suffering a loss, a loss or a punishment. Thus living with their eyes on issues, things that happened in the past that are unresolved and lose themsefs in thoughts of fear, insecurity. Often have the feeling that bad luck is chasing them and that the world is hostile.

At the same time they feed the imaginary desire that one day things will improve.

And in this respect they are right.

The problem is they do not realize that that day has arrived.

It’s Today.

It is now time to start the realization of the dream, by developing a plan, breaking this plan into pieces called actions and perform these actions, one at a time, starting with the easiest.

And you know why a looser does nothing of it? Because from the moment that he starts this process, his head gives a 180 degree turn and actually begins to see the future, and more importantly, starts to see where he is putting his feet.

Thereafter that person ceased to be a loser. Not to say that he has already achieved success, but is on the way, and being on the way is to be on the target.

The weight of the past vanished up? No. Continued there. The problems solved by themselves? No. But you begin to have more resources and more ideas for resolving them and, more important than all this, they are no longer the ones that govern your life.

Now you see the past with the back of your neck. You know it’s there and you’re dealing with this, but it doesn’t occupy your field of view.

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