“Do not judge each day by the harvest you did, but by the seeds you sow.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

Today I will continue to put seeds in the ground.

Yesterday while doing the same, my neighbor, who calls himself an expert in agriculture, advised me to stop sowing prosperity because
circumstances are not favorable. He said that the seeds will die and I’m working for nothing. He had already said the same last week and
earlier, but I still sow.

You know why? Because I looked at his garden and it is as empty as the Sahara but in mine, a plant emerged yesterday of three thousand seeds that I sowed.

If a seed is born out of every three thousand and I don’t give up sowing, I will have half a dozen beautiful trees in a few years.

The specialist’s garden continues empty. At that time he will say: “Rui was very lucky” and I’ll smile because he will never understand the power of persistence.

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