“Life is too short to be small.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Stop thinking within your limitations.

Some time ago I started daily bike rides. I live in a mountain region, the roads are all either up or down. There are some very steep ones. On my first day I did about 5 miles and was so tired that my legs gave out the moment my feet touched the ground. I was stretched out in the middle of the road with the bike on top of me unable to get up.

I was very ashamed of myself. The next day I did the five Km made, then  7 and then 12. After two weeks I was doing 20 km smoothly. There was nobody to tell me how to do it or how to save my strenth, nor do I impose limits or strategies.

One day I decided to go to Marinha Grande (30 Km), but once I got there I decided not to return the same way and went back through Pataias. In Pataias I decided to go back through Nazaré and Alcobaça. What happened was that I wasn’t even prepared for a journey of 98 Km: had no food or water. Fatigue began to tighten in the return and it took me many hours to get home. I got there very tired but impressed with myself. I thought I had achieved something difficult for me.

A few days later, I was telling this little adventure a few friends who usually ride and they were all very admired: It is not possible in 3 weeks to go from 5-98 km. And did it without some energy bars or sports drinks.

I just did it because I didn’t know it was as difficult as they were saying.

I didn’t have the same notion of reality, no one had informed me of the difficulty and danger and needs I would beware.

Simply, in my ignorance and initiative, I knew no limit.

If I had spoken to them before I went, I would have never have gone because they were convinced that this could not be done by someone in my circumstances.

When looking for someone to mentor you, check if you can find someone who pushes you beyond your limits or imposes those which he himself has.

You can stop achieving your potential for having listened to those who haven’t reached theirs.

Work in detail, but think big, life is too short to be small.

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