"There are no shortcuts in life, but to those who think." – Frank Leahy

What is missing are not deceived many cutter :

  • People who play the lottery and want to make lots of money without going through the process of conquering.
  • Athletes who take steroids want to win the competition without training or dedication.
  • Anyone who uses trickery to win a place in an employment or social position.
  • Who passes in front of other people in line at the movies or the supermarket.
  • Who cheats in an exam.
  • Anyone who tries to come across as something that he(she) is not just to gain advantage.
  • Invents a curriculum.
  • Hides half the truth.
  • Cheats in a sale or a purchase.
  • Robbers of banks, people or friends.

These are people who think there are shortcuts in life.

Sometimes they seem to exist, but they are illusions. And they're illusions (yes, always), because the money, medals, social position or employment, overtaking others to be first, and having everything you've dreamed of doesn't matter.

No, none of that matters because what matters is the person you had to turn into during the trip.

If you're not enriched inside the money will not make you rich, if you haven't overcome your limitations, fought, wept, despared and sung victories, the medals don't matter, nor the jobs or social status.

In life, there are no shortcuts because you are not a shortcut, you are an entire path to be completed.

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