“Be careful with what you wish for, you just might get it.” – Unknown author

  • If you ask God for money, He will not give you the money, but rather an opportunity for you to get it.
  • If you ask for romance, He will not give you romance, but an opportunity for you to have it.
  • If you ask health, He will not give you health, but an opportunity to conquer it.
  • If you ask for joy, He give you a opportunity to create joy.

From what I have seen, God always says yes. You ask what you want and your wish will never come true, but you will be given the opportunity to make it true yourself. This is how it works.

That’s why so many people don’t achieve their dreams: because they don’t identify the opportunity as the answer to their prayers. They think God is a magician or an illusionist who will put our dreams in our hands without us having the option of saying yes or no, and so despise the signs.

Don’t retract yourself when facing a challenge. They, the challenges, are the preferred instrument of God to fulfill our dreams.

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