Silvio Fortunato is a professional Internet Marketing of reference in the Portuguese language. He created the Magnet System, the first and largest attraction marketing system in Portuguese and had the vision that started the revolution of Empower Network in the Portuguese speaking market.

He is co-founder of the Lazy Millionaires League.

He made this video about me, without me asking. Just now he even sent me the link so I could see it. Here is the conversation we had right now by skype:

[15:13:14] Silvio Fortunato: Look here:     [15:45:27] Rui Gabriel : :) damn! your testimony made me drool all over:)     [15:45:34] Rui Gabriel: thank you man     [15:46:27] Silvio Fortunato: could have done a more professional job with the video, but it’s simple – it was from the heart.

 Hello, my name is Silvio Fortunato and today I make this video with a lot of pleasure, to talk about my great friend, Rui Gabriel.

It’s very easy to talk about Rui. I’ve been around him for these past years and, for me, he really has been of incredible support.

In the beggining I thought I was going to teach him a lot of things but for a very, very long time we have been learning from eachother. Of course we learn from other people as well but we, literally learn from eachother every day.

Rui is the kind of person who is super disciplined, he is very focused on what he wants to achieve and has a discipline like I’ve never ever seen before. He has the capacity to take something big and turn it into very small daily action and has the hard discipline were, what ever comes, what ever happens, he executes those tasks every day, day after day after day.

And Rui’s big success is just that. Disassembling some big ambisious project into smaller tasks and executing those tasks every day, what ever comes and making things actually happen.

That might be one of the most important lessons among many more I’ve learned from Rui and what he teaches every day. Rui doesn’t teach anything he doesn’t do every day, so what he does is geniune.

If, for some reason, you came across this video in any of Rui’s content, what I truelly advise is to really listen carefully to what Rui has to say. Through out these years, Rui has become, without a doubt, one of the most respected Internet Marketers in the Portuguese language all over the world, because of his simplicity, because of his golden heart, because of his true will to help others and with this he can also build his dreams.

Listen to what Rui has to say, surely you will not regret it.

Thank you very much.

Working with real friends is fantastic!


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