“The great men and women achieve great results by performing small tasks.”

If your dream is big, great. If you think it’s so great that you can never carry it out, perfect. Those are worth it, as large as they are, it still is free to dream.

Now on to the practice.

  • The size of your dream doesn’t matter from the moment you draw a plan, it changes its name and begins to be called Goal.
  • Then divide the plan into tasks that you can perform in your day-to – day. Learn these new routines and disciplines: simple tasks. If any task is complicated, divide it into simpler ones, until you can do it easily.
  • Then keep you’re bearings. Focus on what you have to do daily.


Day after day after day. These actions will have a persistent double result:

  1. – They actually put your dream at your door for you to grab.
  2. – They will make you a better person, able to receive it.

What was the action that you executedst that put you in that position to win? Nobody knows. All tasks were small, insignificant compacted by the action of time and persistence.

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