“Who wants to do something finds a way, those who don’t find excuses” – Arab Proverb

3 years ago, I found a longtime friend who invited some friends for dinner, myself included. I didn’t know anyone besides her. At the restaurant table everyone complained about everything: some, unemployed, because there is no work, others with jobs, because they earn little, others, bosses, because the state imposes heavy taxes, sickness, financial setbacks and lack of money.

Eventually, they asked me why I did not say anything and I asked: “Who wants to win over € 1,000 per month, without having to leave the job have now? “everyone looked at me and at each other and they ALL raised their hands. 12 hands in the air. So I clarified: “ok, next weekend everyone come with me to do a 2 days course on mounting your own business in your spare time from home. The course is free, but meals for two days cost 45 €. “

Everyone responded “ah … let it be …!” “I have no money”, “I already have things planed”, but two of them said they would. At the last second, one said he ultimately could not come because he had to go to the beach with the family. One came with me.

Result: three years later we met again – in the same restaurant. The conversations were exactly the same, but more discouraged. However, this time two were smiling because we multiplied our income by 3 in these past three years.

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