“How the disease expands the internal dimensions of the man!” – Charles Lamb

I had heard of people who have recovered from serious illnesses and were suddenly open to forgotten but important angles of life.

Since my disease was not a serious thing, actually a flu that had to endure almost a bottle of transfer factors and therefore lasted just over 24 hours, can not be considered a serious thing, got the victory of having reduced my daily schedule to the bare essentials. I wrote the blog, I made one or two things at work and focused on my body and in helping it.

The lesson for me was clear: do not forget the essentials.

With the daily hustle and bustle you start to forget the most important.

Do not let that happen, dont’ be taken to despise what’s important.

Imagine you are coming from work. Street, yet, you see a burst and start a fire in your home. Suddenly she opens up in flames. You know you have only a minute or two to enter and exit.

What would you try to save? The safe? The car? the children? The wife? The husband? The clothes? The mother? The collection? The works of art? The dog? What?

Imagine now that your life would ignite in the same way as in the previous example were your house burned down. Igniting your life means being forced to forego everything and having to be reduced to the essentials.

For you what is this essential? How would you take care of it? How much would you dedicate to treat it and develop it?


So don’t wait until you spontaneously combust to give value to what really has it.

Evaluate your priorities and act on them.

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