“A step can make you fall if you don’t see it before you trip on it.”

In the industry I work in, there are many people who hate the Internet. They think that the Internet just confuses things, that the business they do can only be done belly to belly and working online is a pure waste of time.

It is understandable, because every time they approach it they tumble over it. Do not know your height, depth or dimension. They are like a blind man without a stick and no dog.

On the other hand I see the Internet as stairs, indeed it’s a whole staircase.

But not only the Internet, this is how I see “crisis”, “unemployment”, “lack of money”, “health problems”, “relationship problems”, etc..

If you you know how to be prepared for what is coming you will use as steps what we all call “difficulties” and you will grow treading upon what everyone describes as “problems.”

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