“Who has been on the moon has no more goals on Earth.” – Edwin Aldrin

About the author of the phrase, in Wikipedia: “Outgoing, humorous, cultured – but short tempered – Edwin” Buzz “Aldrin voiced himself in American television series like” The Simpsons “and British television, he played a reverend in television movie about the Apollo 11 and confessed in his autobiography to have had various problems with depression and alcoholism in his years after Apollo 11, which contributed to his retirement from the USAF “(U.S. Air Force).

As a philosophy of life marks the destiny of a person, after going to the moon Buzz Aldrin entered Depression, Alcoholism and was retired early. He mapped out his future with a stupid statement.

Do not live in the misery or the glories of the past.

The days of Today and Tomorrow are unused and will be what you decide them to be.

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