I am going to give you some simple information that will allow you to make Money Quickly and Lots of it. Do you want to know what it is? Here we go:

  1. The Rule: “When a lot of people desire the same thing, the person who can provide that thing becomes rich.”
  2. The Circumstance: “The majority of people loves Success but hate the Process.”
  3. The Trick: “Anything that promises great results with very little effort will be extremely popular.”

The trick to becoming wealthy: “Give people what they want, not what they need.”

  • This is how the Fast Food industry prospers: people need to eat healthy food, but want fatty, salty, and sugary foods.
  • This is how the pharmaceutical industry prospers: instead of working on making simple lifestyle changes for their health concerns, people want to take a chemical so that they don´t have to change anything.
  • This is how the tobacco industry prospers: people need to get healthy but still want to smoke.
  • To make a lot of money people need work to bring their personal value to the market, but it takes no effort on their part to play the lottery, or to sign up for get rich quick schemes.
  • Thieves steal, athletes take steroids, overweight people take diet pills, and students cheat on exams for the same reason.
  • That is why people use SPAM: they want the results without having to have done the work of creating a list of contacts, engaging and relating to people on a personal basis. Moreover, there is offline spamming, where people approach and invite everything that moves, without even trying to find out if they are looking for something, if they are looking at all.
  • This is why you see advertisements proclaiming: “Million dollar business opportunity with no investment and no recruiting.”
  • This is why private label rights products, which create pretend authors, are so popular.

A while ago, an Internet Marketer asked me what I was doing to make my online business so successful. I answered, “You need to have an Audience, and then you need to create Value, after which you need to Communicate Your Value, and finally you Monetize.”
He replied, “Oh, well I don´t want to do any of that….it takes too long. I want fast results”.

I realized that we were not on the same page. He did not understand that you can make money fast but first you have to build a foundation, and create the conditions that will allow you to do just that. Do you think he would be able to make 15 thousand dollars in a few short days? Do you think that by sending an email to a handpicked list of only 130 people he could make 2500 dollars in half an hour? Do you suppose he could make 9000 dollars in half an hour with another mailing list of less than 100 people?

Of course not! He, along with the majority of people want Success without the Process. Do you know what else? You can see for yourself the results that the majority of people have. If that philosophy of life worked then most people would be successful, but that is not the case.

That is the Shortcut Industry: the one that promises Success without the Process.

The only problem is that shortcuts don´t exist! This is an expensive mistake to make with no warning label, full of undesirable side effects, and where is the proof?

  • Look at the price we pay for a fast food lifestyle, disease and death! Bad eating habits killed more people in one year than the total number of people that died during World War 2, which lasted 5 years.
  • Look at the price we pay for our dependency on pharmaceuticals, undesirable side effects, pain, and disease. They don´t want the patient to die because dead people don´t need medicine, sick people do.
  • Consider the price your health and wallet pay when you are a smoker.
  • Think about the price that people pay when they win the lottery. Almost all of them end up worse off than before they won. All that money has made them unhappy. There are even support groups for lottery winners.

What price does a thief pay when he steals, or an athlete when he takes steroids or a student when he cheats instead of studying?
What price does a spammer pay when he is blocked, banned and generates outrage?

Consider the person who signs up for a get rich quick scheme. What price does he pay when he finds out he was scammed. Now he has to swindle others, or harass them until they agree to join him.

There is always a price to be paid. If they promise you Success without the Process then they are fooling you. If you believe that there are shortcuts, you are fooling yourself.

The thing that brings you success in every aspect of life is living the process.

If you suffer from an illness or symptoms brought on by bad habits, you can take a pill, or you can listen to your body and change your habits. The first solution is a shortcut the second is a process.

If you want to lose weight, you can take diet pills or you can change your lifestyle. The first choice is a shortcut the second is a process.
If you want to get a degree, you can copy and cheat or you can study and pass. The first choice is a shortcut and the second is a process.

If you want to feel good physically, you can use drugs or you can adopt a healthy active lifestyle. The first choice is a shortcut the second is a process.

If you want recognition as a talented professional you can copy the work of others and use private label rights, or you can do something original, that is yours. The first choice is a shortcut the second is a process.

If you want, to make money so you can provide yourself and your family with the best that money can buy, you can swindle and cheat or you can make yourself valuable to the market. The first choice is a shortcut the second is a process.

You make the choices that determine the price to pay and what you get in return. Shortcuts are cheaper in but the results are terrible. The Process is costly but in the end is brings fantastic results.

Everyone makes their own choices but keep one thing in mind; the shortcut industry is designed to take advantage of you and uses you to benefit someone else. Think twice before you take the bait.

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