“It is better to lighten then to shine.” – St. Thomas Aquinas

The stars shine, superstars shine, the ego shines. But to make a difference in the world need to lighten. The sun lightens.

Who shines shows himself, who lightens shows the other. You can follow someone who shines or someone who lightes. The first is interested in serving himself, the second in serving you.

Many people seek to be admired, that all eyes are on them. You know what happens to those who look to the stars? They fall on the first hole that appears under them. I can guarantee that you will fall in many holes yourself, if you follow the stars and that, if you become one, many will fall because of you.

Learn how to follow the path of light. The sun does not need to be admired, but you need to see where you put your feet. The Sun serves you, doesn’t serve himself of you.

If you can, follow your path, lit by those who are not concerned about their own brilliance. And if you can, become a sun yourself for who ‘s around you and enlighten their paths yourself.

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