“Intelligent men want to learn, others to teach.” – Anton Chekhov

This blog was started in order to focus in the same place all the phrases that I found and that could, from my point of view, put a different light illuminating the meaning of life. Quickly I realized that a good portion of the value of the blog would be my own thoughts about these phrases expressing my vision and personal experience of these matters.

Over time, this self-assessment exercise and meditation was becoming a fundamental piece of my day as it thereby created the discipline to devote at least a few minutes for reflection and evaluation of my way of life, dreams, projects , plans and actions. Thus the daily writing has been for me a school of personal development that much recommend.

If you identify with the personal development and minimally like writing, find a theme that you like and study it while you share on the blog you’ll discover.

I think I will not be the one of the most intelligent, because I have the habit to teach.

In this respect I am like most: I’m still a student and I want to be a teacher right away.

In any case I do not expect to know everything seems useful to start sharing the findings.

The first reader of this blog is myself, and I am also the first to draw lessons from what it says.

Much like the famous saying “who knows how to do, does, those who can not do … teach.”

So suspect your masters and check if they do what they say and if they have, or are on track to have the results they preach.

You do not want to waste your time with illusions.

You will have many teachers, but only one shall teach you: yourself. Do not forget to also suspect of this one as you continue your process of search.

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