“Love people and use things and not love things and use people.” – Chain email. I found this curious phrase that today I received an chain email. It is a case of spreading a meme, a virus of the mind. In this case, the meme is: “who has a ot Continue Reading


“At least once a year we need to reboot.” We humans, I speak for myself, we have an extraordinary ability to accumulate junk in our lives. It’s physical junk: things that accumulate and are good for nothing     Emotional junk: more or less vague resentment, odiozinhos pets, fears, insecurities left for Continue Reading


“Don’t pressure the coward to much or he’ll turn brave.” – Arab proverb In certain circumstances, we all have an incredible ability to do things. I do not know where the energy comes from, nor the talent, but when you wake up that anger inside explodes in all directions and Continue Reading