10 Liters od Water in a Glass

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams.” – Ralph Lauren Nothing great has ever been done by little people. While you work to realize your dream, your dream will work to realize you. Do not think you can ever achieve something great if you don’t surpass yourself a lot. You Continue Reading

Get Involved

“Who is not involved does not develop.” Action without knowledge does not become wisdom. And you know what happens to stagnant knowledge? It rots and solidifies the mind taking it’s capacity to flow, adapt and evolve. So, when something draws your attention and brings you the intimate feeling of “right” Continue Reading

Permission or Forgiveness?

“It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.” – Stuart You can multiply your success by 3 just for assuming this procedure with regard to your decisions involving other people: If it is a life decision, consult the affected people. If a routine decision, first act and, if someone gets hurt Continue Reading


“What matters is not the successes or failures but results.” – Anthony Robbins With my successes I have got many good results. I see that I can actually change the world around me setting goals, outlining strategies and putting it into action. Then things happen, often surpassing my best predictions. Continue Reading

Mortal Virus

“The Attitude Virus: fear, negativity and procrastination are contagious and deadly” As infectious agents, viruses are the most lethal. They have the ability to recombine their DNA with the host cell and turn it into something even more infectious using the genetic information of the healthy cell. Isolated, the Procrastination Continue Reading

Find Yourself and Act Upon Yourself

  “You’re not a human being who has experience of the infinite, but the infinite having a human experience.” – Wayne Dyer “All the answers are within you.” “Find the perfect being that you already are,” “Work on yourself”, “For things to change you have to change first,” “Nothing is Continue Reading