Enjoy the Price

” Never a heart suffered while pursuing its dream . ” – Paulo Coelho One of the things that most people fear is stepping into the unknown, to discover something they never saw before and make something new out of the routine and what is known. I know that. Maybe Continue Reading

Food for the Road

“The best way to pay for a nice moment is to enjoy it.” – Richard Bach There is a time for everything under heaven. Things start to go wrong when you blend evrything. You get confused when you are something when another is asked of you. I think that happiness Continue Reading


“Fear and enthusiasm are contagious.” – Marquis de Marica Amazing how our actions create sensations and these mark our course: If you act like you’re afraid, soon you’ll have real fear. It starts coming to memory the debts, insecurities, losses, abuses of other people on you and your family, government Continue Reading


“There are things more important than money, unfortunately they are all too expensive.” All actions, thoughts, objects and emotions are forms the vital energy that flows between all human beings. They have names like “social interaction”, “relationship”, “behavior”, “rationality”, “affection”, “material goods”, etc.. All are forms of energy entering and Continue Reading

The Straw-Tails

“All failures in achieving the goals happen because the last necessary task wasn’t executed.” It’s like the saying goes: “straw-tails.” “Straw-tails” are leftovers, loose ends, details that have not been completed, or small tasks that were not performed. Among these are little things: little debt, a sign of appreciation unmanifested, Continue Reading


“No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and in who bathes.” – Heraclitus One of our most important needs is security . We are comfortable with what we know and naturally avoid change. Yet we constantly change: physically, mentally and spiritually. Even one friend Continue Reading

The Trap

“If you are faced with a choice between” being right” and “being kind” choose “to be kind.”- Wayne Dyer One of the great tricks that ego plays on us is to give us the illusion that we are good or bad in comparison to others. This is a lie in Continue Reading