” Excellence is not a skill but an attitude .” – Ralph Marston To be very good at something is to be competent. Competence is something you will learn through study, practice and modeling (observation and copy). Does it have any use? Of course. Some call it also “professionalism” and Continue Reading

The Expert

“There are people who, even though they wish to hide it, they pursue an end that’s distinct from the others. Their attitude towards life betrays them.” – Leon Tolstoi Recently, after the beginning of the explosion of Attraction Marketing and the Empower Network, there were “experts” in attraction marketing, multilevel, Continue Reading

486 Days a Year

“Since you have to think anyway, think big.” – Donald Trump This attitude is a powerful attitude: something will happen anyway, and, as is inevitable, it might as well be beneficial. If this attitude comes into your day-to-day you will gain abundance in all aspects of your life. Many practical Continue Reading

The Glass

“Abundance is not about how much money you have, but the attitude twards how much you have.” – Rick Jarow When I was a student in Madrid had a teacher (Marciano Vidal) who was writing a book called “Moral Attitudes.” Was already in volume 3 (2 already published) and the Continue Reading