The Larger Step

“I have not failed, I found 10 000 solutions that didn’t work out.” – Thomas A. Edison One thing is to go through difficulties, failures and discouragements and tell the story after you have been victorious. Quite another is to be at this time failing, falling, looking for the path, Continue Reading


“Nothing is easier than to be deceived, because every man believes that what you want is also true.” – Demosthenes The bestselling book and movie, “The Secret” is for most of us a chorus of illusions and illusionists who do believe that something is different than it actually is. Millions Continue Reading

Believe to See

“Take the first step in faith. Need not see the whole staircase.” – Martin Luther King Instead of commenting on the “first step” will comment “faith.” To have faith is to have an bold intuition that makes you act. I remember having read S. Paul say that “faith without work Continue Reading

Faith? What for?

“If you need to believe in something, believe the sun will rise tomorrow, even if all your friends say it won’t.” Believe in the possibility, not the probability. Did you know that only 5% of people have enough to live well on retirement? And that only 1% are financially independent? Continue Reading