Dreams and Regrets

“A person is old when regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore One day talking to a person, she confided to me that she was in financial difficulties and needed help. Since I believe most in the fishing rod than the fish, I invited her to see and Continue Reading

What Alternative?

It is still difficult for many people of talent, to understand the changes in the world, but there is no alternative, it is that we have to work with. To me they are also not always very clear, but there are some that are so obvious that’s even upseting. Firstly Continue Reading


“Only intelligent people seek to help them, people smarter than them.” – Baltasar Gracián In the line of business I’m in, independent entrepreneurship, this is the best of truths. I often say: “to have success, seek to work with you people better than you” and this is the whole secret of Continue Reading

13 – Lets Choose Your Audience Then

Firstly you have to be aware of a marketing mistake that is so common but so severe that gives destroys entire strategies, ruins businesses and burns millions of euros. The mistake is this: “You succeed when many people have a problem or need and you have the solution.” Or, in Continue Reading


“Success requires first that you apply 10 effort units for 1 results unit . Momentum will produce The 10 results units for each unit of effort.” – Charles J. Givens Ever happened to you pass through a period of great success when things seemed to fall in you lap? Every Continue Reading

Measure and Evaluate

“We can only improve what we can measure.” – José Carlos Loureiro Small business owners generally content themselves with a certain intuition to manage their business. It’s wright because intuition is often the best way to capture an overview that reasoning does not reach. However, if there are aspects of Continue Reading