Five Hundred Generation

In Portugal, every day thousands of people enter the labor market. Some have lost a job and are looking for another, others finished or dropped out of their studies. A large percentage of the population, both young and less young lives with an income of about 500 euros per month. Continue Reading

Afraid of Who is Afraid

“I do not fear Satan not even half as much as I fear those who fear him.” – St. Teresa of Avila I would say that I fear more those who are afraid of the crisis than I fear any crisis. I keep away from them whenever possible for fear Continue Reading

Majority – Crap

“If you do what the majority does, you will achieve the same results as the majority.” Think for a moment about this: the majority elects politicians (!), the majority complains of politicians, the majority blames the circumstances, the majority is always right, the majority works to survive, the majority does Continue Reading

On the Wrong Side of the Road

“An accomodated man is a being parked on the wrong side of the road.” – Marina América Guerreiro Many fearful people think that if they are still then nothing will happen. This is true: probably nothing happens. The worst thing is that nothing happening is often the worst thing that Continue Reading