Analysis of the Paralysis

“Some people spend a lifetime organizing their life.” – Seneca A good friend of mine calls this condition ” analysis of paralysis”. It is one of the attitude virus disguised of professionalism. Successful people have a common characteristic: they see an opportunity and act quickly. Then give their maximum for Continue Reading

The Fish Burger Man

I learned long ago that the Number One Rule to be happy is “to not complain”. It really is. Today I was talking with a longtime friend, what I heard were “complaints” of how life is difficult, how things are bad, how you can not do anything against the crisis Continue Reading


“You’re free, choose, or invent.” – Jean Paul Sartre Choose and invent are not, however, synonymous. If there are several options you can choose one or another or several. You can even choose not to choose any. The important thing is that connect or not to something outside of yourself, Continue Reading