Internet Marketing for Everyone

One of the main trends in the new economy is Internet Marketing. It is true that more and more young people join Internet Marketing as a career option, as to fatten their thin personal economy. They can generate very interesting incomes, working from home, using a method associated with a Continue Reading

Two Halfs

“All our knowledge begins with feelings.” – Leonardo da Vinci Feeling, emotion and intuition are valued under a dog these days. Nothing that is not rational is worthless. On the other hand, the “scientifically tested” rationally explained, means “true.” Reasoning and language activities are typical of the left half of Continue Reading

5 Minutes

“There are people so boring that they make us lose a whole day in five minutes.” – Jules Renard On the other hand there are people so genius that make us win ã year in five minutes. The ones from the first group, live mourning past defeats, the second group enjoying Continue Reading


“You’re free, choose, or invent.” – Jean Paul Sartre Choose and invent are not, however, synonymous. If there are several options you can choose one or another or several. You can even choose not to choose any. The important thing is that connect or not to something outside of yourself, Continue Reading