Immediate Solutions to Complicated Problems

Life is complicated and everyone has many problems. Today I discovered one of the reasons why so many people have so many big problems. I did a search on the keyword tool on Google and found: The word “problem” has 6.12 million monthly searches. The word ” solutions ” has Continue Reading


“Don’t pressure the coward to much or he’ll turn brave.” – Arab proverb In certain circumstances, we all have an incredible ability to do things. I do not know where the energy comes from, nor the talent, but when you wake up that anger inside explodes in all directions and Continue Reading

Crisis? What Crisis?

“In the middle of difficulty lives the opportunity.” – Albert Einstein Everyone has heard that, while some cry, others sell tissues. The question of whether they “cry” or “sell tissues” are indivudual options and are independent of the circumstances. Did you know that? Options are not about being lucky or Continue Reading