Borrowed Brain

“I don’t only use my whole brain, I still ask to borrow more.” – Woodrow Wilson The English language has an expression that is so interesting that I can not resist to share it here: “A mind is a terrible thing to waste“. When a person gives up on studying Continue Reading

11 – The 3 Habits of the Guru

A habit is something you do regularly. It is said that 21 days are necessary and sufficient to create a new habit. I don’t know if it really is so, but one thing is certain: whatever you do repeatedly becomes a habit. Habits and routines go hand in hand. Are Continue Reading

Orange Hair

“Change means movement. Movement means friction. Better get yourself accustomed.” – Paulo Coelho When you create routines in actions and thoughts do you establish the boundaries of your comfort zone. “I do not like broccoli”, “20 kilometers is too far”, “I’m a smoker”, “I like foods with fats”, “I can’t Continue Reading

Comfort Zone

“Show me a seated man and I’ll show you a loser” – Thomas Edison Perhaps one of the hardest things for the common person to achieve is the courage to do something new everyday, something feared and that seems to have nothing to do with our character, but that leads Continue Reading