Dreams and Regrets

“A person is old when regrets take the place of dreams.” – John Barrymore One day talking to a person, she confided to me that she was in financial difficulties and needed help. Since I believe most in the fishing rod than the fish, I invited her to see and Continue Reading

Complaining for a Reason

“Everybody gets presents, but not everyone opens the package.” – Nei Ferrarini To me a person who complains is like the child who cries and screams on Christmas Day because they didn’t receive presents. And cries and screams so much that he does not listen to parents, uncles, siblings, grandparents, Continue Reading

The Fish Burger Man

I learned long ago that the Number One Rule to be happy is “to not complain”. It really is. Today I was talking with a longtime friend, what I heard were “complaints” of how life is difficult, how things are bad, how you can not do anything against the crisis Continue Reading