Deciding the “What”

“If you choose not to decide, you have made ​​a decision.” – Neil Peart As a person I admire sais: “Indecision is the greatest thief of opportunity.” Whether you have aaaaaaaall the data, and you clarified aaaaaall your questions or if you are coooooooompletly prepared. What you have to decide Continue Reading


“Fear and enthusiasm are contagious.” – Marquis de Marica Amazing how our actions create sensations and these mark our course: If you act like you’re afraid, soon you’ll have real fear. It starts coming to memory the debts, insecurities, losses, abuses of other people on you and your family, government Continue Reading


“The world is a great mirror.” – Thomas Dreier I think the most important daily task that a successful person has to fulfill is to decide whether the world is enemy or friend. Based on this decision you will make decisions and take action to defend yourself (“survival mode”) or Continue Reading

Let Yourself be Guided

“Even before the realization of a dream, the Soul of the World decides to test everything.” – – Paulo Coelho Today is December 22, the first day of a new era. Yesterday the sun died quietly and darkness reigned the longest night of the year. That was yesterday. Today began Continue Reading