Enjoy the Price

” Never a heart suffered while pursuing its dream . ” – Paulo Coelho One of the things that most people fear is stepping into the unknown, to discover something they never saw before and make something new out of the routine and what is known. I know that. Maybe Continue Reading

Permission or Forgiveness?

“It’s easier to get forgiveness than permission.” – Stuart You can multiply your success by 3 just for assuming this procedure with regard to your decisions involving other people: If it is a life decision, consult the affected people. If a routine decision, first act and, if someone gets hurt Continue Reading

4 Thousand Decisions with no Importance

“You missed it by this much.” – TV Ad. If you follow the day-to-day life of a very successful person and the next day an average person you will not see many different things. Most of the time they are both sleeping, working, eating, hanging out with family and friends Continue Reading

The Invisible Engine

“What propels the boat is not a sail, but the blowing wind that is not seen.” – Plato To be successful it’s important to observe and imitate. This is not the imitation like a monkey or parrot, but the imitation of the child who builds something new on top of Continue Reading