Enjoy the Price

” Never a heart suffered while pursuing its dream . ” – Paulo Coelho One of the things that most people fear is stepping into the unknown, to discover something they never saw before and make something new out of the routine and what is known. I know that. Maybe Continue Reading

4 Thousand Decisions with no Importance

“You missed it by this much.” – TV Ad. If you follow the day-to-day life of a very successful person and the next day an average person you will not see many different things. Most of the time they are both sleeping, working, eating, hanging out with family and friends Continue Reading

24 – How to Write and Ebook in 15 Days

Let’s get the work outlined in the first chapters of these articles and put them to use. You remember (you read it not so long ago) the choice of the audience, it’s desire, your theme and your story? Let’s do it. Ready? Do not think you can achieve something important Continue Reading

13 – Lets Choose Your Audience Then

Firstly you have to be aware of a marketing mistake that is so common but so severe that gives destroys entire strategies, ruins businesses and burns millions of euros. The mistake is this: “You succeed when many people have a problem or need and you have the solution.” Or, in Continue Reading

3 – Counting Rifles

A Why is an objective, but it is also much more than that. It is the reason why you do what you do. Seen from another perspective, it’s by doing what you’re doing that you fulfil your purpose. It’s kind of fish with biting its own tail: you do because Continue Reading

The Difference Between You and a Dog

“The reward is in the doing.” Charles Schulz We are much like Pavlov’s dog: almost everything we do is because of the reward. While we did not reach our goal we salivate with anticipation, savoring the victory before it has come. This is excellent. You’ll savor the reward while persuting Continue Reading