Money and Happiness

“I always repeat that money can not buy happiness – but happiness certainly helps to bring money.” – Roberto Justus Abundance is like a dog. It flees from you if you run after it. Make yourself happy in your day-to-day, help and let yourself be helped, teach and let yourself Continue Reading


“Fear and enthusiasm are contagious.” – Marquis de Marica Amazing how our actions create sensations and these mark our course: If you act like you’re afraid, soon you’ll have real fear. It starts coming to memory the debts, insecurities, losses, abuses of other people on you and your family, government Continue Reading

The Mystery of the Killer Clock

“Clocks slay time … time is dead while being trounced by small sprockets, only when the clock stops does time come back to life.” – William Faulkner Aristotle said that “time is the measure of motion”, that is, time and motion rotate around each other. Of all the riches you Continue Reading