Knowledge and Wisdom

“Never confuse” knowledge “with” wisdom. “- Jim Rohn I have a craze with deep roots: to evaluate someone for the knowledge he seems to have. This one is a Doctor, knows a lot, is worth a lot. The other is an Engineer, knows alot, is worth a lot. That other Continue Reading

Analysis of the Paralysis

“Some people spend a lifetime organizing their life.” – Seneca A good friend of mine calls this condition ” analysis of paralysis”. It is one of the attitude virus disguised of professionalism. Successful people have a common characteristic: they see an opportunity and act quickly. Then give their maximum for Continue Reading

Measure and Evaluate

“We can only improve what we can measure.” – José Carlos Loureiro Small business owners generally content themselves with a certain intuition to manage their business. It’s wright because intuition is often the best way to capture an overview that reasoning does not reach. However, if there are aspects of Continue Reading