Knowledge and Wisdom

“Never confuse” knowledge “with” wisdom. “- Jim Rohn I have a craze with deep roots: to evaluate someone for the knowledge he seems to have. This one is a Doctor, knows a lot, is worth a lot. The other is an Engineer, knows alot, is worth a lot. That other Continue Reading

Find Yourself and Act Upon Yourself

  “You’re not a human being who has experience of the infinite, but the infinite having a human experience.” – Wayne Dyer “All the answers are within you.” “Find the perfect being that you already are,” “Work on yourself”, “For things to change you have to change first,” “Nothing is Continue Reading

The Resonant Place

“Winning is what matters. The rest is the consequence.” – Ayrton Senna When approaching the championship, football players go on a “internship”. They go out of their daily routines and all go away to one place with the coaches and trainers to experience total focus. In an internship the athletes Continue Reading

Act or Lose

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network. In this article I want to talk about one of the most important things in regard to the whole entrepreneurship, all things that can bring results. This is the secret: knowledge does not Continue Reading

15 – Finding Oil

Let’s follow the advice of Paul Getty. After getting up early and working hard, we find oil. The oil is your skills, what you already have and what you already are. No need to study, develop yourself to oil because that’s been around for a long time, due to the Continue Reading

8 – The Knowledgeable Guru

Ideally you will come to accumulate the three forms of “expertise”, so you’ll do well to know them very well in the next articles and start working on it. First things first way: To be a specialist in a particular subject, you need to know a lot about this subject. Continue Reading

Ilusion and Being Full of Yourself

“There is only one true way of learning: by study and practice.” It’s funny that this sentence seems wrong. One form of learning: study and practice. I was amused and wrote it. But it’s not only funny, it is also true. The only way to learn is by using both Continue Reading