Analysis of the Paralysis

“Some people spend a lifetime organizing their life.” – Seneca A good friend of mine calls this condition ” analysis of paralysis”. It is one of the attitude virus disguised of professionalism. Successful people have a common characteristic: they see an opportunity and act quickly. Then give their maximum for Continue Reading

The Straw-Tails

“All failures in achieving the goals happen because the last necessary task wasn’t executed.” It’s like the saying goes: “straw-tails.” “Straw-tails” are leftovers, loose ends, details that have not been completed, or small tasks that were not performed. Among these are little things: little debt, a sign of appreciation unmanifested, Continue Reading

1 – What is a Guru?

It’s cumum to call “guru” someone who knows a lot about a subject and teaches others. “Guru” means “one who illuminates” that dispels darkness. In the sense of this article, it means “one who shows the way.” So there are many experts who are called “gurus” because they know a Continue Reading

Live your Present

“Work like you do not need the money. Love like you’ve never been hurt. Dance like nobody’s watching. ” – Satchel Paige Or in other words: Do what you gotta do … independently of future results or past failures, not minding what others think of you. It is a pretentious Continue Reading