That’s Right…

” The cause of freedom is not a cause of a race or a sect, a party or a group, it’s the cause of humanity, the true birthright of humanity.” – Anna Julia Cooper A friend told me that he is free and he doesn’t need to fight for freedom. Continue Reading

Freedom or Death

As an entrepreneur I don’t know the place that the fight for freedom has in your priority list. But I know that if not for freedom, you will have little reason to do what you do and fight as much as you fight. Yesterday I was talking with my neighbor Continue Reading

Five Hundred Generation

In Portugal, every day thousands of people enter the labor market. Some have lost a job and are looking for another, others finished or dropped out of their studies. A large percentage of the population, both young and less young lives with an income of about 500 euros per month. Continue Reading


“There are things more important than money, unfortunately they are all too expensive.” All actions, thoughts, objects and emotions are forms the vital energy that flows between all human beings. They have names like “social interaction”, “relationship”, “behavior”, “rationality”, “affection”, “material goods”, etc.. All are forms of energy entering and Continue Reading