They Seem Like Solutions, But They’re Problems

“I’ll participate, I’ll help, and in doing so, will come out winning.” – Walter Annenberg Walter Annenberg does not say: I’m going to think a lot, I ‘m going to study. Instead he says “participate”, to be active, to do something together with other people. And he says “help” which Continue Reading


“Christmas, my boys, is not a date, it’s a state of mind.” – Mary Ellen Chase Maybe Christmas is a time when we feel more friendship, generosity to give, humility to receive, the human value of things. Looking at the past year, since last Christmas, I have to acknowledge that Continue Reading


“At least once a year we need to reboot.” We humans, I speak for myself, we have an extraordinary ability to accumulate junk in our lives. It’s physical junk: things that accumulate and are good for nothing     Emotional junk: more or less vague resentment, odiozinhos pets, fears, insecurities left for Continue Reading