“What matters is not the successes or failures but results.” – Anthony Robbins With my successes I have got many good results. I see that I can actually change the world around me setting goals, outlining strategies and putting it into action. Then things happen, often surpassing my best predictions. Continue Reading

Clear Ideas

“Unhappy are the men who have all their ideas clear.” – Pasteur I thought it was great to have clear ideas about things. Like “having goals”, “strategies”, “a detailed plan.” Everything very well organised in my head. I don’t take a step without being sure of aaaaaaall the implications. This Continue Reading


“No one bathes in the river twice because everything changes in the river and in who bathes.” – Heraclitus One of our most important needs is security . We are comfortable with what we know and naturally avoid change. Yet we constantly change: physically, mentally and spiritually. Even one friend Continue Reading