Food for the Road

“The best way to pay for a nice moment is to enjoy it.” – Richard Bach There is a time for everything under heaven. Things start to go wrong when you blend evrything. You get confused when you are something when another is asked of you. I think that happiness Continue Reading

Money and Happiness

“I always repeat that money can not buy happiness – but happiness certainly helps to bring money.” – Roberto Justus Abundance is like a dog. It flees from you if you run after it. Make yourself happy in your day-to-day, help and let yourself be helped, teach and let yourself Continue Reading


“If I was boss, I’d remove the word “too” from the dictionary. It does much harm to humanity.” – Louise Hay How often do you stop what takes you to self-realization, happiness and success simply because in a certain critical moment you say to yourself: – “I am TOO young” Continue Reading


“The similar unite voluntarily with the similar.” – Cicero I think all of us, you included, like to be surrounded by friendly people, very honest, hardworking, fun, good wave, generous and healthy. That will never happen while you yourselfs are not friend, honest, hardworking, fun, good wave, generous and healthy. Continue Reading

Pittaco is Smart

“You want to know a man? Give him a great power.” – Pittaco In a seminar called “training of millionaires” I heard the speaker say that money does not make you better or worse than what you already are,  it just amplifies. If, with no money, you’re jealous, tyrannical, selfish, Continue Reading

The Glass

“Abundance is not about how much money you have, but the attitude twards how much you have.” – Rick Jarow When I was a student in Madrid had a teacher (Marciano Vidal) who was writing a book called “Moral Attitudes.” Was already in volume 3 (2 already published) and the Continue Reading

Stones into Bread

“When I have to choose between being right and being kind, I always choose to be kind.” – Wayne Dyer When I was a teenager, a priest (Italian missionary named Pierino Plona) explained to me that the original sin was very ugly and very powerful. So much that was marked Continue Reading