What Alternative?

It is still difficult for many people of talent, to understand the changes in the world, but there is no alternative, it is that we have to work with. To me they are also not always very clear, but there are some that are so obvious that’s even upseting. Firstly Continue Reading

Knowledge and Wisdom

“Never confuse” knowledge “with” wisdom. “- Jim Rohn I have a craze with deep roots: to evaluate someone for the knowledge he seems to have. This one is a Doctor, knows a lot, is worth a lot. The other is an Engineer, knows alot, is worth a lot. That other Continue Reading

Get Involved

“Who is not involved does not develop.” Action without knowledge does not become wisdom. And you know what happens to stagnant knowledge? It rots and solidifies the mind taking it’s capacity to flow, adapt and evolve. So, when something draws your attention and brings you the intimate feeling of “right” Continue Reading

Two Halfs

“All our knowledge begins with feelings.” – Leonardo da Vinci Feeling, emotion and intuition are valued under a dog these days. Nothing that is not rational is worthless. On the other hand, the “scientifically tested” rationally explained, means “true.” Reasoning and language activities are typical of the left half of Continue Reading

Act or Lose

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network. In this article I want to talk about one of the most important things in regard to the whole entrepreneurship, all things that can bring results. This is the secret: knowledge does not Continue Reading

The Purpose

“The beginning of all sciences is the surprise of things being what they are.” – Aristotle Aristotle speaks of science in the sense of “knowledge” as opposed to “superstition” which, in turn, means describing something based not on facts but on imagination. That said, you create yourself, alter yourself and Continue Reading

4 Steps

“Work on your job to survive and on yourself to become financially independent.” – Jim Rohn Jim Rohn, who I had the privilege to talk to in person several times, always says one thing: “You earn exactly what you deserve. If you want to earn more you have to become Continue Reading

17 – How to Get to Your Audience

In this section we will talk about very practical things, but absolutely vital. You can be the best author in the world, have the best books to have all the knowledge of the planet and its surroundings, but if you can not reach your market you will not have any Continue Reading