Leader Wanted

“The leader does not give orders, sets the example.” – Herminio Nevárez In my daily work, part of the time is devoted to seek leaders, current or potential, to provide them with work tools that turn that leadership (which they may already have or may develop) into a machine to Continue Reading

10 – Model of Conduct Guru

There is absolutely extraordinary people who have become recognized for being good people. True role models of conduct, life, way of being. I like the example of Mother Teresa, an icon as a Guru of Model of Conduct. Received the Nobel Peace Prize, and hundreds of other international awards, acclaimed, Continue Reading

4 – Do’s and Don’ts

THERE ARE NO INNOCUOUS FACTS. Knowing what to do to achieve our dreams is sometimes difficult, but sometimes it is even more difficult to know what kind of people to avoid, what type of content to chase away, what people must you not associate with, what you should not do, Continue Reading