Majority – Crap

“If you do what the majority does, you will achieve the same results as the majority.” Think for a moment about this: the majority elects politicians (!), the majority complains of politicians, the majority blames the circumstances, the majority is always right, the majority works to survive, the majority does Continue Reading

The Ego

“It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.” – Epictetus Your ego is your greatest enemy. He is the main factor responsible for your financial problems, professional problems, relationship problems. If you can put your ego aside, a plethora of opportunities will open up Continue Reading

On the Wrong Side of the Road

“An accomodated man is a being parked on the wrong side of the road.” – Marina América Guerreiro Many fearful people think that if they are still then nothing will happen. This is true: probably nothing happens. The worst thing is that nothing happening is often the worst thing that Continue Reading

Board Games

“You play a game. If you don’t play on your board, you play on the board of another person.” One thing is certain. Who does not know where he goes everywhere is right and wrong. You have talents, tastes, energy, ideas, initiative, ability to work, intelligence, health, money, love, success, Continue Reading

Pittaco is Smart

“You want to know a man? Give him a great power.” – Pittaco In a seminar called “training of millionaires” I heard the speaker say that money does not make you better or worse than what you already are,  it just amplifies. If, with no money, you’re jealous, tyrannical, selfish, Continue Reading

Want to Bet?

“Cunning has many dresses; truth likes to walk around naked.” – Thomas Fuller When you reach simple conclusions, they are generally true; simple solutions, durable; simple words, understandable and simple life, full. One of the hardest things for me is to turn off the “complicator”, a mental microchip always looking Continue Reading

4 Steps

“Work on your job to survive and on yourself to become financially independent.” – Jim Rohn Jim Rohn, who I had the privilege to talk to in person several times, always says one thing: “You earn exactly what you deserve. If you want to earn more you have to become Continue Reading

There is no Success Alone

“Keep in mind that your decision to succeed is more important than any other.” – Abraham Lincoln Success, in whatever, is a conscious decision, taking a position to deliberate action, it’s not something that happens by chance while you continue to be, do and think the same way as before. Continue Reading