Work of Art

“The sculpture is already in the marble, I just remove what surrounds it.” – Michelangelo It would be fantastic that you know the work of art that you already are. Finding your essence requires fabulous artistic work, dedication, creativity, technique, trial and error, learning, disappointment and hope. The interesting thing Continue Reading

24 – How to Write and Ebook in 15 Days

Let’s get the work outlined in the first chapters of these articles and put them to use. You remember (you read it not so long ago) the choice of the audience, it’s desire, your theme and your story? Let’s do it. Ready? Do not think you can achieve something important Continue Reading

Ilusion and Being Full of Yourself

“There is only one true way of learning: by study and practice.” It’s funny that this sentence seems wrong. One form of learning: study and practice. I was amused and wrote it. But it’s not only funny, it is also true. The only way to learn is by using both Continue Reading