You are a Hero

“Art is supposed to offend people because art is supposed to challenge people.” – Eriq La Salle All human work is work of the spirit and all the work of the Spirit is the fruit of human resilience. Never anything would have been invented, built, elaborated if someone didn’t surpass Continue Reading

Dance of the Archetypes

It seems to me that the convictions are like the food, they are wanted varied and colorful. Today I’m an atheist, and as all atheists I know, I am quite spiritual. I call “spiritual” to what my friends call “humanist” because I have no prejudice against the word “spirit.” In Continue Reading


“You’re free, choose, or invent.” – Jean Paul Sartre Choose and invent are not, however, synonymous. If there are several options you can choose one or another or several. You can even choose not to choose any. The important thing is that connect or not to something outside of yourself, Continue Reading

Orange Hair

“Change means movement. Movement means friction. Better get yourself accustomed.” – Paulo Coelho When you create routines in actions and thoughts do you establish the boundaries of your comfort zone. “I do not like broccoli”, “20 kilometers is too far”, “I’m a smoker”, “I like foods with fats”, “I can’t Continue Reading