Imagina! Eu Queria Ganhar 6 Dígitos Por Ano!

Imagina um gajo que ganha menos de 1000 euros por mês, decidir que queria ganhar 1000 por dia… Ridículo, não?

Freedom or Death

As an entrepreneur I don’t know the place that the fight for freedom has in your priority list. But I know that if not for freedom, you will have little reason to do what you do and fight as much as you fight. Yesterday I was talking with my neighbor Continue Reading

What Alternative?

It is still difficult for many people of talent, to understand the changes in the world, but there is no alternative, it is that we have to work with. To me they are also not always very clear, but there are some that are so obvious that’s even upseting. Firstly Continue Reading

Working from Home

Working from home can be a dream for many people, but it can also be disastrous. Many people have opted for this type of work, and many more would like to work from home. Advantages of working from home: You save on transportation, gasoline, travel time to the job. If Continue Reading

The Economy has Changed

Network Marketing is the form of economic activity best suited to the changing economy. When there is a change you can choose two paths: to see where the opportunities are and you adapt to them or fight against change and try at all costs to maintain the status quo. The Continue Reading

A Job and a Plan B

Among all jobseekers youngsters have the most difficulty. Some young people wait, wait for someone to bring them a job, others, while seeking, detect alternatives and create a Plan B. More than 20% of the unemployed are under 30 years old. A large part of them are recent graduates who Continue Reading

The Mystery of Empower

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of the Lazy Millionaires League of Empower Network. Today is a special day because I will reveal a secret. This secret is very simple:I’m sure you have heard of a company called Empower Network, because I mention it several times Continue Reading

The Story is Gold

Hello, my name is Rui Gabriel and I am co-founder of Lazy Millionaires League of the Empower Network. Today I wanted to talk about how you can take advantage of something that you do not know is so precious. All the people who start a new business on the internet Continue Reading

9 – The Results Guru

The second way of earning the recognition, appreciation and money of a specialist is through results. Since it became attraction marketing “fashionable” that the Internet is covered in “experts.” Most of them in Internet Marketing or Network Marketing, which is natural because this medium provided a eager and enthusiastic public. Continue Reading