Clear Ideas

“Unhappy are the men who have all their ideas clear.” – Pasteur I thought it was great to have clear ideas about things. Like “having goals”, “strategies”, “a detailed plan.” Everything very well organised in my head. I don’t take a step without being sure of aaaaaaall the implications. This Continue Reading

Analysis of the Paralysis

“Some people spend a lifetime organizing their life.” – Seneca A good friend of mine calls this condition ” analysis of paralysis”. It is one of the attitude virus disguised of professionalism. Successful people have a common characteristic: they see an opportunity and act quickly. Then give their maximum for Continue Reading

Power or Service?

“Leadership is a potent combination of strategy and character. But if you going to miss one, let it be strategy.” – Norman Schwarzkopf There are complex dynamics in relationships between people and leaders are all on one side and the other followers. Our leadership is exercised in relation to some Continue Reading